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Sunday, 7 April 2013

What's blogging ever done for me?

I have just been over to Hoydens and Firebrands blog to put up a post about Rakes and Rogues of the Restoration. Hoydens and Firebrands is the place where I can reach other fans of the seventeenth century, a period in which I have written three novels. The blog has a small but enthusiastic following.

Blogging takes up quite a lot of my writing time, so why do it?

Firstly, it is interesting and a writing challenge to compile a short informative piece that does not take long to read, but gives a good introduction to the subject. Usually I have already done the research for the post whilst researching my novels, but a blog post is different. I try to make these short posts visual and include links and references where possible for those who want to follow up the subject in more detail. Blogposts have actually been invaluable to print off and use as brief notes on my subject matter when I talk to Library groups or Book Clubs about my books and my research.

Secondly, I get to interact with people I have never met, but who share my passion for historical fiction. Through blogging I have had one or two great invitations. My blog posts through Debra Brown at English Historical Fiction Authors Blog will appear later this year in a new anthology, Castles Customs and Kings

This means my posts will be more widely read and appreciated.

Thirdly,through blogging I was invited to appear on two panels at The Historical Novel Conference 2013 in Florida. Of course I could have said no, that's too far to travel, but instead we have incorporated it into our family holiday, and I am now looking forward to meeting US fans of historical fiction and US writers who I only know from their icons online.

Here is a video showing the conference in London this year, and I'm sure Florida will be just as great. 

Fourthly, It is my pleasure to promote other authors of historical Fiction via my other blog,
Royalty Free Fiction, where I can find other great new reads and help promote the genre in general. This blog focusses on books which do not have the draw of royalty (ie Kings and Queens) to help them gain a readership. Through doing this I have been made aware of many fantastic books I might otherwise have missed.

This is not to mention the great book bloggers who hosted me on my virtual tours with The Gilded Lily and took the time to review it. I appreciated them all, not to mention Amy Bruno from Passages in the Past who set up the tours.

So what's blogging done for me?
Quite a lot actually!


  1. Great post, with some good links, thanks. I enjoy blogging and reading blogs for some of the reasons you mentioned. And I really enjoy Debra Brown's English Historical Fiction Authors site. Congratulations on having your posts anthologized and for appearing at conferences.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth - great post! I too, have connected with some great people, people whom I would not have normally come into contact with. Blogging is great, for so many reasons.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm following this blog now.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post!

    As a reader/blogger, I have been introduced to great books and authors I might not have ever heard about otherwise, I have connected with authors and other readers who share my passion and I get to exercise my brain on a regular basis too!

  5. Hi Marg, you are one of the bloggers I really appreciate who has hosted me for guest posts about my blog, and reviewed my novels. For anyone who doesn't know it, check out Marg's blog which is a great resource for historical fiction fans.