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Friday, 23 January 2015

The Historic House Locations for Wolf Hall

Scene with Anne Boleyn, Wolf Hall

A copy of my National Trust Magazine arrived yesterday and there is an article which details the locations used in the series Wolf Hall. I really loved the first episode, but my NT magazine did not have room for all the properties that will be featured apart from Montacute House. So here, without further ado, are a few images to whet your appetite. If you love historic houses like I do, I strongly recommend that you join the National Trust - free entry to most of these stunning locations. Click on the pictures to get to the National Trust sites for more stunning pictures.
Laycock Abbey was also used for the filming of the Harry Potter films, and was originally an Abbey and a Nunnery. It is now also home to The Fox Talbot Museum of Photography.

Great Chalfield Manor is a Medieval Manor House with a beautiful garden with lily pond and summerhouse.
Chastleton House is an impressive Jacobean Manor House built in 1607.
Horton Court in Gloucestershire was originally built in Norman times, but is now a small manor house.
More details about each house can also be found here.

Montacute House, picture from Wikipedia

Laycock Abbey

Chalfield Manor

Chastleton House

Horton Court

Horton Court
I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series and seeing these stunning locations. I'm also eagerly awaiting Mantel's next book, though according to the BBC she has told us all to 'be patient'. The pressure on her must be enormous, and they are very big books. Wonder if she'll be the first Triple Booker Winner?!