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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thai Adventures

Writing has had to stop whilst I enjoy learning the Thai art of Khon - Theatre/dance/mime. arranged by Arts on Location, this course is a cultural journey both challenging and amazing. If ever I have to write a book set in Thailand, I will remember the heat, the smell of jasmine, the smiles of the Thai teachers, and - the inevitable mosquitos. Copious amounts of Deet have failed to deter them from feasting on me.
If you want to see what we have been doing and have access to Facebook, you can find pictures of our acrobatic adventures by typing in "artsonlocation".
Tomorrow we give a performance, and have to be sewn into our costumes - sounds painful, and we are still learning to stand on one leg wearing a mask - but I hope it will go well and make the audience laugh. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Interview on Writewords
You can find an interview with me on the Writewords writers website. For those that don't know, Writewords is one of the biggest resource sites for writers, with a chance to post your work to other writers for critique, and to chat to other writers in user-friendly forums.