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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

10 Questions with Ella Appleby of The Gilded Lily

For a bit of fun, Ella Appleby a character from my novel The Gilded Lily reveals all! 

Godfried Shalcken - Lady examining herself in a mirror

Favourite Colour: Gold, or scarlet, or a combination of both, preferably red silkwith real gold braiding.

Favourite Animal: A throughbred horse, preferably pulling the brand new shiny carriage in which she is riding.

Favourite Number: 1661 – the year in which she hopes her life will be transformed for the better and she will finally cease to be a servant.

Favourite Non-alcoholic Drink: A hot posset of eggs and ale – yes she knows that is alcoholic, but in the climate of the Little Ice Age, she needs something warming.

Facebook or Twitter?: Ella is a bit lazy, so Twitter would be her thing, but she might use facebook to spy on social contacts who are further up the social ladder.

Her Passion: To leave her life of drudgery, to be treated as she feels she deserves – as a fine lady. Her dream is to wear soft kidskin slippers instead of heavy wooden clogs.

Giving or getting presents:
Definitely getting.

Favorite Day: The day she is first offered a position in The Gilded Lily, a beauty parlour where women can buy salves, potions and unguents to improve their appearance.

Favorite Flowers: Lilies of course. But also partial to a red rose from the hand of an admirer.

Favourite Book: Ella can't read but she likes listening to tales told out loud, the more outrageous the better. And she likes to tell a few tales herself, particularly if it gets her out of trouble.

This game was passed to me by Jo-Ann Butler, and I am passing it on to Grace Elliott.


  1. This is fun! I loved finding more out about Ella...thank you for inviting me to take part.
    (Beautiful blog, by the way)
    G x