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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Desert Island Books - Castaway Deborah Swift

I'm going off to tour the blogosphere and while I'm away I've invited a few other authors to my Deserted Blog. Whilst they are here they'll share their Desert Island Books.Needless to say I'm a big fan of the Radio 4 show, Desert Island Discs.

Each author has chosen one classic, one modern and one non-fiction book to take to their Desert Island, along with one of their own books, just to remind them how clever they are!

Before I go off tomorrow, here is my selection:

Here's my classic. Why? Because it's long - very long, and I might not be rescued for a very long time! It also has lots of  fantasy and material for daydreaming. I might even want to edit it and re-write sections. I can never resist a bit of editing! Also I figured that the landscape of Middle Earth is about as far as I could get from the desert island.

I loved Wolf Hall, but I'm daunted by another the size of this. On my island I'd have plenty of time to really savour Mantel's magnificent writing style.
I don't know if I'd have painting things on my island, but I'd certainly want to meditate on nature and my surroundings, and if not I could enjoy the change of view this book would give me.

And of course I would take a large stack of paper to keep writing until someone rescues me! (possibly of course the only thing I might write is SOS in large letters!)

Tomorrow my Desert Island Castaway is Orange-nominated and Langum Prize winner Ann Weisgarber, and I will be at Bippity Boppety Book and Lit Addicted Brit

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  1. Your choices fit you to a T. The two novels are packed with delicious details, and Landscape Meditations will inspire you to write another novel with a flower in the title!