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Monday, 2 September 2013

A Divided Inheritance - there's nothing like a real book

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to receive the advance readers copies of A Divided Inheritance, which are in fact exactly what will go on sale in the shops in two months time.  I'm a complete book junkie in terms of the texture and feel of a book and this one looks wonderful with its textured gold and white writing. The back of the book looks great too. Pan Macmillan have done a lovely job inside and out and I'm so proud of it! 

It was a monster of a book to research, but I loved every minute and look forward to taking my readers on a thrilling journey from Jacobean London to Golden Age Spain.

I'm on a tour of the blogosphere on its release so copies just like these (or the electronic equivalent) will be winging their way out for review to bloggers shortly. You can find out where I'll be touring by clicking on the tour banner. Some of the tour hosts will be offering Giveaways. There are a few extra copies too so if you'd like to review a copy for your blog, do get in touch.

A family divided by fortune. A country divided by faith.

London 1609…

Elspet Leviston’s greatest ambition is to continue the success of her father Nathaniel’s lace business. But her dreams are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of her mysterious cousin Zachary Deane – who has his own designs on Leviston’s Lace.

Zachary is a dedicated swordsman with a secret past that seems to invite trouble. So Nathaniel sends him on a Grand Tour, away from the distractions of Jacobean London. Elspet believes herself to be free of her hot-headed relative but when Nathaniel dies her fortunes change dramatically. She is forced to leave her beloved home and go in search of Zachary – determined to claim back from him the inheritance that is rightfully hers.

Under the searing Spanish sun, Elspet and Zachary become locked in a battle of wills. But these are dangerous times and they are soon embroiled in the roar and sweep of something far more threatening, sending them both on an unexpected journey of discovery which finally unlocks the true meaning of family . . .

A Divided Inheritance is a breathtaking adventure set in London just after the Gunpowder Plot and in the bustling courtyards of Golden Age Seville.


  1. This sounds like a good read. I'm interested in anything to do with historic England or historic Spain, athough usually my focus runs to the 19th century. But this sounds like a book that would give good background on the interactions between those two countries.

  2. It looks lovely, Dee. There's nothing like those first proper copies, is there? Very good luck with the book.

  3. Thanks for your good wishes Frances and Elizabeth, and thanks for stopping by with your comments.

  4. Oooh! Really looking forward to this one. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks Tim! What would I do without my MNW support!

  6. Yay! I've been promised an ARC and I can't wait! Really looking forward to a good read! x

  7. I just read The Lady's Slipper and The Guilded Lily is on its way! I could not put it down. I am so glad to see you have something new soon. Hope it doesn't take long to arrive in the US!

  8. Thanks Missy, it is so nice to have positive feedback from readers and I'm delighted you enjoyed The Lady's Slipper. I'll keep you all posted when A Divided Inheritance arrives in the States.