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Friday, 22 July 2011

Doodle Day

Welcome to she-writers from the blog hop. How do you doodle!
You can find out more about the blog hop here.

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!

Thinking Time

As a writer I often feel I need some thinking time. It is tempting to launch in to the writing with a feeling that only physical writing is what matters. And we are told to write, write, write.

But this can be a little unbalanced if it is not preceded by some thinking time. I don't even mean the "Let's work out the plot" thinking which feels like hard graft, but rather the free-form flow of thought which is the writer's equivalent of doodling. The doodle up top is from

I love to doodle down my ideas around my novel. These can be vague atmospheres, things I am interested in, images I'd like to include. Half-formed or unformed ideas. Some of my jottings seem random, but often I find that there is some sense in my nonsense. Did any of you make these sorts of doodles around people's names when you were at school? (See below) Go on, admit it! I use this idea sometimes to work around a concept or character in my writing.

The more professional doodle on the right shows how you might like to use word and image together, it is from this blog. Do you doodle? Happy Doodling!


  1. I'm dropping by for the blog hop. I wish I could doodle but I have no artistic talent. This seems like a great way to flesh out ideas though.

  2. Oh my gosh - YES! I am so happy to find someone else who doodles to think! I generate piles of doodles every day, mostly on Post-its. I even have expensive art supplies like Prismacolor markers always at arm's reach, but my favorite tool is a fine Sharpie. Is the doodle blog yours? It's funny because I was just working out an idea for a sort of doodle blog myself and even bought the domain name for it just today.

    By the say, I am stopping by from the She Writes Blog Hop. This post really got me excited!

  3. You know, I doodled song lyrics all through school until I got to college. I never thought about it before, but I guess I figured I just outgrew it. Now I think it's probably more like my hands got too busy to play.

  4. Another blog hopper here, I love the way you've done your intro post - such a great idea! I doodle a lot, although my doodles aren't nearly as pretty as the ones in your post, I'm always jealous of people who can make their doodles look like more than just scribbles! My housemate last year used to doodle on her jeans while talking on the phone and they actually used to look like custom designs when she was done - it was amazing!

  5. What a great way to connect with your right brain, the place where all the magic of imagination lives! I especially like how it connects your imagination to your fingers.
    Found you on the blog hop...what FUN!:)

  6. Hi Deborah - This is my 1st blog hop and it's great. Your blog on doodling got my attention. Is something wrong with me that I never doodled? I'm artsy crafty, love photography and writing, but no doodles. Hmmm . . . need a survey. Great meeting you!

  7. Doodling just feels good. I remember from, oh, several years ago in school. I think we really ought to slow down and doodle. Like we ought to slow down and smell the flowers. If only I had a maid.

  8. Just stopping by for the blog hop. I don't get to doodle enough! An artist by training, I create all of my cover art. I have a ton of sketchbooks barely a quarter full. Not enough time to do it, and that's really depressing. Well, maybe I'll pick it up again. Nice to meet you!

  9. Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. I'll aim to get to everyone's blog this week, sorry about the delay, but I'll try to visit everyone.

    Glad to find some more doodlers out there!

  10. Your doodle art is a great idea. Having time
    to think about your writing, letting your ideas
    marinate is precious. I don't get a lot of that
    with two little ones. :)