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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Househunting -Tanzanite's Castle Full of Books: Author Interview

You can find an interview with me at Tanzanite's Castle. I enjoyed answering Daphne's questions in between house-hunting and working on my next book. I think house-hunting must be like being a publisher - lots of possibles, some sound fantastic from the agent's blurb, but there's nothing I actually love yet.

The virtual world of Tanzanite's castle full of books has much more appeal than the houses we have seen so far! Not that we're after turrets or dungeons, but some period features would be nice - oh, and good views, bit of a garden, room for a campervan somewhere outside. And a library, and a writer's studio........

Guess I'd better start buying those books on how to write a best seller. (Do they help, I wonder?)

You can find out which historical figure I'd like to have dinner with in our new house, when we find one, on the link below

Tanzanite's Castle Full of Books: Author Interview - Deborah Swift


  1. Thanks for the link - and for the interview!! House hunting is fun and frustrating at the same time - good luck! I hope you find something soon amd with lots of period details.

  2. Dee - I think finding the right house is a bit like falling in love. You know it (he/she) has its faults, but you love it and it feels right.

    Good luck with it!