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Monday, 24 May 2010

My book is on my shelf!

The moment all writers hope for - my book is actually on my own bookshelf, alongside all the others I am currently reading. I am on the same shelf as Ruth Padel, Philip Pullman and Ian Mortimer! Of course I could have placed it next to something like "Plato's Republic" or "War and Peace" but unfortunately I don't own either.

And I have to say Macmillan's designers have done an absolutely gorgeous job inside and out and I couldn't be happier with the look and feel of it.

What is really strange is the burning desire to actually read it - even though I have already read it until my eyes hurt. But that will have to wait whilst I get the sparkling wine out to celebrate. To say I am chuffed would be an understatement.


  1. You lucky lady.... Oh, I would want to have my first novel in hardback. That's my dream. Good luck with your book, I hope it sells well.

  2. A great moment! I'm glad you're savouring it as it deserves.

  3. Enjoy the moment Dee. It's the best. Very good luck with it.

  4. Thanks Jarmara, Tim and Frances.

  5. It's looking beuatiful. I look forward to my own copy arriving some day (international post willing)...