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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

American Cover of The Lady's Slipper

Thought I would share the American cover design from St Martin's Press for The Lady's Slipper - just arrived by email this morning.

In the States it is going straight into paperback with a lot of added extras for reading groups, including background history, further reading, and discussion points. I am really enjoying putting these parts together as it is a chance to give a little more information to the reader about my historical sources, and tell the story of how the book came about, as well as recommend some of my favourite books. 

If you are in a reading group maybe you can tell me what sort of questions work best for your group. In my reading group, although we often start by tackling the themes of the book and so forth, we tend to shy away from anything too intellectual. Pretty soon we get down to the "has that ever happened to you?" type conversation, followed swiftly by a "ooh, what did you do?" which leads nicely into them revealing all sorts of fascinating personal information they might not otherwise have told you! But maybe mine is not a typical reading group.

Our next reading group meeting is hosting Bryony Doran, whose book "The China Bird" won the Hookline novel competition, so it promises to be an interesting evening whilst we persuade her to give us the inside info. on her book. More about it after the meeting!You can find out more about Bryony on her website


  1. Beautiful, and very classy, Deborah! (and yes, this is meant to be an exclamation - see 'rules for writers' courtesy of Alis's blog).

  2. Wonderful! When's it out in the US?